Hill Blames GOP for Not Passing Immigration Reform

Hillary wasted no time blaming the Senate’s recent failure to pass compromise immigration reform — which included amnesty for illegals — on Republicans, claiming that "[i]t’s really an indictment of the Republican leadership because the problems are not going to go away," and "that [the hard right] would rather have the issue than have a solution."

Although she supports amnesty (or, as it’s euphemistically labeled by its supporters, the "guest-worker program"), Sen. Clinton nevertheless is talking a good game when it comes to other aspects of our immigration policy. For example, she recently told a Syracuse newspaper that "The border is not more secure…We have no idea who’s in our country. We’re not protecting ourselves adequately. We don’t know who these 12 million (illegal) immigrants are. We’re not putting any sanctions on employers who break the law. We’re not doing anything."  

Sen. Clinton also made a short appearance at the illegal alien protest in New York City, where she told the crowd that "Your faces are the faces of those who give us a fair day’s work — and often not for a fair day’s pay." When she got back from the scofflaw rally, she commented on the Senate’s plans to take the issue up again after the two-week Easter recess. She said that Congress "can play politics with it and try to score points in the upcoming midterm elections or we can roll up our sleeves and try to solve the problem."

Who wants to bet the Hillary and the Democrats will continue to demagogue the issue and try to win the mid-term elections with it this fall?