Healthy Competition

The Queen of Government-Mandated Health Care has had mostly good things to say about Massachusetts’ plan to make health insurance mandatory using penalties and incentives.

Says Hill: "It’s the kind of experimentation needed to come up with a unique American system of health care."

The Bay State’s plan does not take over one-seventh of the state’s GDP, as Hillary-Care attempted to do to the U.S. economy back in 1993-94, but she still seems to like it anyway, admitting that "[t]o come up with a bipartisan plan in this polarized environment is commendable."

It must be killing Mrs. Clinton to see all the positive coverage that Gov. Mitt Romney’s plan is getting, considering that she may end up running against him in 2008. And what a contrast that would make, with Hillary on one side, infamous for having mishandled an incredibly high-profile attempt to nationalize the country’s health care system, and Romney on the other, who by working with a Democratic legislature has demonstrated what it takes break the partisan gridlock of Washington.

On a key issue like health care, a contest between the two would present a clear choice for the American people.