College Students, Faculty March for Illegals

Students and faculty march for — and with — illegal immigrants in Texas.

According to a story in The Daily News, students from the College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas participated in a march for illegal immigration on Monday — some of those students having crossed the boarder illegally themselves.

"The border crossed us, we didn’t cross the border," said Erika Almeraz. "We are not going anywhere. We want to stay here."

Almeraz hopes to become a lawyer, but worries that the current immigration laws would prevent her from legally holding down a job, according to The Daily.

Isn’t that interesting…someone who wants to practice law seems to have no respect for it.

"I want to be a U.S. citizen. So does my mother," said Almeraz.

The Daily reports that "most of those who joined in the march waited until after their classes for the day were complete, thus avoiding any accusations that they skipped school to protest. Several of the college’s professors also were expected to join."

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for Antonio Aguirre. The Daily reports that he actually did skip class in order to attend the march.

And what class did he skip?

"U.S. history" — I kid you not! That’s what the story says.

Martin Perez, the college’s coordinator of services for Latino and Hispanic students, told the paper that "nearly half of the students" getting into vehicles Monday were illegal immigrants. The Daily goes on to write, "while none could legally hold down a job, all are able to attend classes at the community college."


"While none could legally hold down a job, all are able to attend classes at the community college."

Umm…how can I put this so my friends from south of the border can understand it?

That’s loco!

Perez, who joined in the protest, told The Daily "of the college’s 2,000-plus student population, only 20 are classified as illegal immigrants. Many more, however, though themselves not illegal immigrants are children of people who came into the country illegally."

It should be noted that The Associated Press contributed to The Daily News’ report.