Kennedy for President in 2008?

I said I would add to my previous post on the yesterday’s rally but I think I’ll leave it be and comment separately a bit more on Sen. Edward Kennedy.

The liberal senator appeared to have the time of his life at the rally — working the crowd, trying out his Spanglish, saying only what the protestors really wanted to hear. As my colleague Mandy pointed out, it was probably more applause than the old man’s gotten in a long time. And he soaked in every minute of it. His audience broke into an uproarious cheer after each sentence he said (or at least after it was repeated by a translator). By the time he had finished his schmoozing and smiling I was surprised not to see his staffers seize the moment and start handing out "Kennedy for President" signs.

But there was one statement Kennedy made during his big speech that really stuck out to me. In fact, it may be the only thing the senior senator from Massachusetts has ever said that I can say I agree with.

"I look across this historic gathering and I see the future of America," he roared from the podium.

In all seriousness — I can too.

It’s like Mac Johnson pointed out in his column the other week: this is nothing new, these protests really are the future of America if things continue the way they are.

Writes Mac:

"In the United States, we write letters to the editor and vote and debate. In the Latin world, people march and rally and muster their numbers before the eyes of government."

"What we saw this weekend was not extraordinary. It is the new normal. It is the predictable and unimpeded flow of the political culture of Latin America into the United States.

And unless we address the gaping hole in our border, enforce our laws, deport illegal entrants, and again assimilate legitimate immigrants into our unique culture, you can count on the United States becoming more Latin American, and less American, every day."

As one of the rally’s organizers made clear to me yesterday: "We are well organized and we aren’t going to leave…If you don’t [let us in] we’re going to move you out."

At UC Berkeley last Sunday, there was a counter protest by a pro-immigration group. One of the signs read: "Mr. Bush, Build That Wall!" (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Sounds good to me. Or is it too late..?