It's Almost Tax Day???And Donkeys Want Your Money!

As April 15 approaches, the day Americans’ pocketbooks empty and the government’s treasury bins refill, the National Republican Senatorial Committee would like to remind you that there is one party in America who still doesn’t think taxes are high enough.

And that would be none other than the Democratic Party, otherwise known as the donkeys. (Big surprise…I know.)

Today the NRSC, under the direction of chairwoman Elizabeth Dole (N.C.), has launched a new website that spells out the facts loud and clear:

The introduction on the site’s homepage explains it best:

"In 2001 and 2003, President Bush and the Republican Congress ushered in tax relief that set the U.S. economy on a course for growth, creating millions of new jobs and lowering the tax burden on millions of American families. Washington Democrats nearly universally opposed those tax relief plans, and today, if they take control of the Senate, will embark on an effort to undue them. Select a state from the map below to learn about the tax positions of the 2006 Democrat candidates for Senate."

The site allows visitors to select a state from a map and read about senators’ (and "wannabe" senators’) documented opposition to tax cuts as well as the number of people provided tax relief under those cuts.

Highlights include:

  • West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd voted against the 2001 and 2003 Bush Tax Relief Packages which provided tax relief to more than half a million West Virginians.
  • The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts provided tax relief to almost 2 million Arizonans and nearly 400,000 Arizona Businesses — yet Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl’s Democratic challenger Jim Pederson opposed them, and wants to roll them back.
  • Ohio Congressman and Democrat candidate for Senate Sherrod Brown voted against President Bush’s 2001 and 2003 Tax Relief Packages which provided tax relief to more than 4.4 million Ohioans, including more than 1 million who benefited from the Child Tax Credit.