Al Franken Alert

The radical left-wing radio host continues his campus tour.

Human Events U is keeping an eye on Al Franken. Last month we reported that the former "Saturday Night Live" star would be speaking at Ithaca Collge in late April. And, now we can report that "Stuart Smalley" will be visiting a joint Catholic campus in Minnesota next week.

The College Democrats of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University are organizing the event, reports The Record .

"We wanted to bring someone to campus that would be a little non-traditional, exciting for students and who would show the fun side of politics," said Vanessa Williams, president of the CSB/SJU College Democrats. "We thought Franken would be perfect."

In an interview with the The Record, Franken said, "I’ll probably speak for 30 minutes to an hour. …then I’ll answer questions for 30 minutes to an hour, and mingle for 30 minutes to an hour. Is the campus within 30 minutes to an hour of Minneapolis?"

Once again, Franken’s ignorance gets the best of him. Once again, his infromation is quite right. Had he taken two seconds to visit the school’s website, within one click he would have learned that the campus sits 70 miles from Minneapolis. The school’s website actually gives the mileage. But then again, who really expects Franken to do research?
According to the school’s website, the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University "are nationally recognized Catholic liberal arts colleges and ranked as two of the top three Catholic colleges in the nation."