Runners Up

These programs were nominated by at least one judge and received votes from at least two. They are ranked by the score they received.

Endangered Species Act     53
War in Iraq    53
Corporate Income Tax     52
No Child Left Behind Act    52
Estate Tax (“Death Tax”)    50
NIH funding of human embryonic stem-cell research    48
Comprehensive sex education     47
Corporation for Public Broadcasting     43
Americans with Disabilities Act     40
Sugar Program (USDA’s Global Refined Sugar Tariff-Rate Quota)     38
National Endowment for the Arts    35
Drug Enforcement Administration     34
Environmental Protection Agency    31
Violence Against Women Act    30
U.S. Postal Service    27
Women’s Educational Equity Program (Department of Education)    27
Federal Minimum Wage     25
Title IX (banning discrimination by sex in education programs, including athletics)    21
Amtrak    20
World Trade Organization    20
Brother and Sister Immigration Visa     19
Diversity Visa Lottery    19
Child-support collection    18
Federal Election Commission    18
U.S. Institute of Peace (to prevent and resolve international conflicts)    18
International Monetary Fund participation    17
National Endowment for the Humanities     17
Federal privileges for Freddie Mac    16
U.S. Agency for International Development (foreign aid)    16
Export-Import Bank     15
Community Development Block Grants     14
Ethanol mandate     14
Smart Growth (in the Environmental Protection Agency)     14
Army Corps of Engineers    13
International Trade Administration     13
Dairy subsidies    12
Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation    12
Federal Communications Commission     11
Superfund (in the Environmental Protection Agency)    11
Climate Change Science Program    10
NAFTA    10
National Public Radio    10
Post-Katrina supplemental spending     10
Title I grants to local educational agencies (Department of Education)     10
National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA flood insurance)    9
Corporation for National & Community Service (AmeriCorps and Senior Corps)    8
Federal Reserve    8
Native Hawaiian Education program (Department of Education)    8