UNC Still Afraid to Call It Terrorism

Let’s stop pussyfooting around. Let’s call an act of terror what it is. Terrorism is not simply a crime, like robbery. Society better have the guts and resolve to say so.

The Iranian student attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ran his SUV over fellow students as an attack on America and Americans. He did this, as he says, “for Allah” and to “punish Americans for injustices against Muslims.”  Mohammed Taheri is, therefore, not simply a criminal but an enemy combatant. He should be tried as an enemy combatant engaged in Jihad against America and Americans.

As a terrorist, his punishment should be more severe, since the stakes are much higher. His goal is to not simply harm a person but bring down America. Certainly, he should be charged with a hate crime against the American race or Christian race or Jewish race he was targeting, which normally brings a harsher punishment.

As an enemy combatant, he should be tried in a military court, not a civilian one. Today’s Moslem soldier against the West doesn’t wear a uniform, he blends in by wearing regular clothes. He is directed not by a general but an imam, or a Koranic vision, or a bin Laden. He’s not part of an army unit but a sleeper cell, a cell of many or just one.

He attacks not from without but within. He uses not tanks but SUVs, not long range missiles but airplanes. The night before the attack, he attends your barbecue and talks about Barry Bonds. You let him into your schools, among those precious to you.

Islam is using not armies but individuals to wage its war. They’ve been successful. Less than 25 terrorist acts in and on the West and look how the world has changed, spent billions and not really fought back. To do so is called profiling. How much money has bin Laden spent? Comparatively, a pittance.

His plainclothesmen soldiers are doing the job. No need for armies—those can be demolished. Better to use individuals who the West will not even call terrorist, simply criminals. Neat, huh?

Exploit the generosity and hospitality of your host country. While enjoying their open arms, run down some students, blow up some World Trade Centers, and sniper at LAX and in the Rockville/Washington, D.C., area. Don’t worry! They won’t call your SUV attack one of terrorism. Never. They are afraid someone will label them a “racist” or an “Islamophobe,” and these weaklings can’t stand being called a name, intolerant.

Criticizing a “minority” is prohibited—even if that minority has outside the U.S. a billion members. Criticizing the actions of a member of a minority is, as has been shown for the last 40 years, tantamount to criticizing the minority. And whoever criticizes a minority is a racist. This is a mantra, and universities will never violate their cardinal mantras. Without these mantras and “guidelines’ liberals would not know who they are, the individual liberal would certainly suffer a personal identity crisis.

Don’t worry, Mohammed. The university won’t label you a terrorist because, then, they’d have to do something about it. They’d rather say you’re a criminal, or crazy. To admit that there is terrorism here, well, they’d have to support the Patriot Act, and that is something “good” people, “civil libertarians” don’t do. They’d have to support the War on Terror and people of “understanding” are beyond these “rightwing excesses.”

No, they won’t call you a terrorist because, you can not be. After all, all Third World People, all non-Christians, all “displaced, impoverished, oppressed Moslems”…. are noble and simply victims of western imperialism. Forty years of teaching at Chapel Hill and at other colleges have made this their axiom, an article of liberal faith. You’re simply a misguided criminal just like the other criminals from the ghetto or wherever. You’re not like those evil Israelis!

No, we can’t call you a terrorist because that might put us on the side of Israel. Can not do that! Why they’re as bad as George Bush. Worse, if Mohammed, the Islamic student from Iran attending our college, is a terrorist, then, there is a rationale for a war on terror, the war is valid. But that can not stand, for the counter-culture academics will never allow themselves to be on the same side as the “simplistic” Mary and Joe America. The university has become the Anti-society.

So the weaklings at U of NC at Chapel Hill they call administrators, deans, and professors will not use the T word. Only, maybe, as a means to describe George Bush.

Bottom Line: A society unwilling, for whatever twisted reason, to call terrorism what it is, is one that will not fight it. Its political correctness will stop it from defending itself. Besides, you can’t fight that which in your mind does not exist. Left alone, forms of terrorism will grow and get stronger—and sooner or later will be beyond our control.

Societies die because they are led by little men, timid, jealous, effeminate, convoluted in their thinking and assessment of themselves. Sounds just like a university faculty.