Boycott That Amnesty Law

Here’s an idea: Any senator who authors a law to give amnesty to illegal aliens will have his state “boycotted” until he or she is no longer in office.

That is now the visceral response at the grassroots; it is the growing “legal” American’s opposition to any form of amnesty. Amnesty by any other name is still a thorn. Lawbreakers abound across America and they are well known as illegal aliens. Their primary accomplices are centered in Washington, D.C., and occupy Congress for the time being.

Not all senators or congressmen fall into this category, and this is in no way directed at any of them. The House passed the appropriate legislation in its enforcement-only bill. But as we are seeing, the Senate has dissenters who fall into the workers’ amnesty concoction. Illegal aliens must go home, and if they want to return, should be at the back of the waiting line, period.

First some background. John Clark, Paul Topete and I have been discussing an idea I had a couple of years ago. How are the American people to control Congress? Our answer is a boycott of the author of any type of amnesty law.

Clark, a Washington-based lobbyist for Americans for Immigration Control, has done much work in opposition to any amnesty and made and produced a number of videos on the subject. At times, he has done this at great personal risk in the Arizona desert. Topete, meanwhile, is the lead member of a band called Pokerface, which was recently asked to perform near Philadelphia at a Minuteman recruiting event. Pokerface is well known amongst the anti-illegal immigration invasion movement.

Getting back to my point: Nothing has changed in the immigration laws. The problem is that the current public servants in positions of public trust are acting outside their mandate by treating the immigration laws as passé; a conclusion reached by vast numbers of legal Americans.

We suggest to the grassroots activist involved across America that a boycott of any member of the Congress — whether Republican, Democrat or any alternative party — who authors an amnesty bill that then becomes “law” have their respective state boycotted. This would include tourism and material of any kind produced in that state for export until the senator heads out into the sunset.

The grassroots are burning and Congress will be forced to behave. You elected them now you can “un-elect” them.

Since someone who is not a resident of a particular state cannot directly vote for or against a particular senator, the only recourse in America is for concerned Americans to vote with their wallets. This voting by wallet, across state borders, is much easier than giving up the comfort of one’s home in order to defend our national borders, as the Minutemen are now doing. As such, boycotts will easily grow in ferocity.