Political Gain Winning Over True Conservatism

It might be time for conservatives to take a long hard look at themselves.

As the 2006 elections come ever closer, and with the run for the presidency not that far away, there’s an increasing divide that’s beginning to appear among conservative leaders. You can see it happening everyday.

The battle is played out in a mainstream media that revels while neo-cons attack moderate conservatives while so-called "lace curtain conservatives," libertarians or conservative activists stand by the sidelines, tsk-tsking the whole affair.

Why is there a split in our conservative leadership over issues like a national Marriage Amendment, an end to abortion, tax reform or prayer in our schools? Political gain is winning over true conservatism.

As true conservatives, how can we stand by and watch our hard-earned political gains fall to the wayside? Things must change before it’s too late. But I must ask this question…what will it take for a single, united view of conservatism to triumph?