Learn Conservative Ideas

Many conservatives (including myself) complain about the state of higher education, the liberal bias, the lack of intellectual diversity, and what we see as a disservice to young people.  But what can we do about it?    

Young America’s Foundation offers the National Conservative Student Conference in order to counter this problem. Every year, hundreds of students from across the country gather to hear from Conservative Movement leaders and network with other like-minded students. They learn the arguments and activism ideas necessary to win on campus in the face of hostility toward conservative ideas.    
This year the conference will be held between July 30 and August 5 at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Confirmed speakers already include John Stossel, Walter Williams, David Brooks, Bay Buchanan, Michelle Malkin, General Alexander Haig, and many more.  
If you are a student, or if you know a student who might be interested, please visit this site or call me at 800-872-1776. Readers of this blog can receive a special discount to the already low $325 fee for the week but must call or email me.