Helping Illegals Break U.S. Law

Recently Sen. Clinton appeared before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where she spoke about (what else) illegal immigration.  

She apparently has toned down her rhetoric a bit, because whereas last week she claimed that the House immigration reform bill would probably criminalize "even Jesus himself," now she only says it would probably make her and her staff — mere mortals — criminals.

Said Hill: "I realize I would be a criminal, too. My staff would be criminal. We help people with all kinds of problems," to which the audience chuckled knowingly.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King responded that the only way the House bill would make her a criminal is if she was a "coyote," or an illegal immigrant smuggler.  

"I hope that Sen. Clinton is not suggesting that she and her staff are members of an alien smuggling gang, or that she is a coyote posing as a senator," said King, adding that the bill "has absolutely nothing to do with churches or social workers or senators assisting illegal immigrants. It is aimed entirely at alien smuggling gangs."

The fact that Sen. Clinton seemingly admitted that she and her staff knowingly help illegal aliens raises questions about her breaking her oath of office, in which she swore to uphold U.S. law and the Constitution.