Campaign Management for Dummies

If such a book exists, then Jim Dornan ought to read it.

Dornan is U.S. Senate hopeful Katherine Harris’ (R.-Fla.) former campaign manager, who lashed out at her following the hiring of a new campaign team. Not only did Dornan insult the new staff, but he also came off looking like a fool.

My colleague John Gizzi, who has covered Washington politics for 26 years, told me Dornan did a no-no that every ex-campaign manager knows not to do: open his mouth and critique his former employer.

In this case, Dornan was acting outright unprofessional. Here’s what he said, according to the Associated Press:

”With all due respect to the folks that she’s brought on, she’s not going to get the top notch political people in the country. She had them and lost them and it’s because her campaign and her candidacy are radioactive, which is both sad and unfortunate.”

That’s nothing but a low blow, and anyone who considers hiring Dornan should give some thought to this guy’s big mouth — and his apparent willingness to backstab the woman he once worked for in the blink of an eye.

By comparison, here’s how former Harris adviser Ed Rollins was quoted by the AP:

”I wish them well. My sense is these people are more than adequate to run a proper campaign.”

If Dornan wants to show some class, he should apologize to Harris and her new staff. Then he ought to keep his mouth closed, leaving the critique to the liberal pundits who are already foaming at the mouth to bash Harris.