Univ. Florida Hosts National Champion: Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter puts a full-court press on the University of Florida.

The outspoken conservative will speak to students on the Gainesville campus tonight.

And, according to she’s already irritating the school’s liberals even though she has yet to take the stage.   

"I’m not opposed to listening to Republicans, it’s just that she disgusts me," said Stephanie Sims, president of UF’s College Democrats.

Coulter’s speech tonight is sponsored by UF’s student-operated speakers bureau called Accent.

The article notes that previous speakers brought to campus by the student group include filmmaker Michael Moore and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

According to, "Matt Dean, executive director of the College Republicans, said it was refreshing to see Accent invite a more conservative speaker to strike a political balance."

Human Events U will keep you posted on any headlines coming out of Gainesville as a result of Coulter’s speech.