Roy Blunt: First 527 Hypocrite

I’m dubbing House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R.-Mo.) the “First 527 Hypocrite” on the grounds that he was the first to have a press release in my inbox (at 6:30 p.m.) following today’s vote on H.R. 513.

These 527 organizations operate as if they’re above the law, carrying on with millions of dollars in unregulated spending. The 527 Reform Act will require these 527 groups to abide by the same campaign rules that the majority of the House and Senate members have agreed on.

Our democracy belongs in the hands of the American people, not ultra-wealthy individuals who are willing to write $10 million dollar checks to advance their causes by taking advantage of campaign loopholes.

Blunt, like 176 other Republicans, voted against the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act in 2002. He reversed course today, deciding to more government regulation was better than less. Interesting position for a guy who called himself a conservative during his failed run for House majority leader.


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