Not Another Clinton Presidency

There are some celebrities who simply cannot bring themselves to shy away from the spotlight—even years after their popularity has faded.  Of course, there’s pop singer Britney Spears, who can’t seem to stay out of the tabloids…actor Alec Baldwin, who somehow believes that his political utterances are being followed by millions…and actress Sharon Stone, who’s still making headlines on the Drudge Report long after her movie career faded.

And then there’s Bill and Hillary.

Politics’ number-one odd couple appears to be determined to return to the White House.  Pundits talk breathlessly of a Hillary Presidency, with her helpmate Bill serving as the First Man.   All the talk for 2008 seems to be focused on Hillary, and will she or won’t she run.

We, as a nation, simply cannot afford another Clinton Presidency—be it male or female.    The Clintons’ brand of politics was poison for our country and we cannot run the risk of moving backward at this critical juncture in our nation’s history.

Perhaps most seriously, Bill Clinton helped set the stage for the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil.  He had the opportunity to neutralize Osama Bin Laden—and he failed.  As a result, he made our country vulnerable to radical extremists determined to inflict as much pain on America as possible.

Then, there’s the issue of Bill Clinton trying to turn the White House into the Playboy mansion.  Now that we have a President who’s devoted to his wife and family, it may be hard to remember the days when the Oval Office served as Clinton’s pleasure palace.  He disgraced the dignified office of the Presidency—not simply through his extra-marital conquests, but also by lying to government investigators.  The Clinton Administration was an “Anything Goes” regime—and one of the first things to go was ethics.

Bill Clinton—the man who dared “to inhale”—set the nation back, as far as the drug war was concerned.  Drug use by our young people escalated during the Clinton years.  Given the horrendous impact that drugs can have on a family, it’s outrageous that anyone would entertain the notion of bringing a Clinton back to the White House.  

Unfortunately, some people are under the illusion that a Hillary White House would be different.  After all, we wouldn’t have to worry about Hillary entertaining gentleman suitors when she should be attending to Cabinet meetings.  But don’t forget that Senator Hillary is the same Hillary that brought you Whitewater and Travelgate.  There’s nothing in the record to suggest that her administration would be any more ethical than her hubby’s was.
Also, believe it or not, I am not convinced that Hillary is the smartest woman in the U.S.  In fact, in the intelligence department, I don’t think she holds a candle to Condoleeza.  I have also seen nothing in the Senate record to suggest that she is a brilliant stateswoman.

No matter how much Hillary attempts to portray herself as a centrist, she is a liberal through and through.  In Hillary’s world, abortion is tantamount to a sacrament; religion is only for the confines of your house; and the ACLU is deserving of a Congressional medal of honor.  She has been pushing liberal causes for most of her adult life—and I doubt that would change if she returned to the White House.

The ‘90s are history.  I trust that the voters of the 21st century are a great deal smarter than those who risked national security and government ethics to elect Bill Clinton to the White House.   We’ve barely recovered from his non-leadership.  Let’s not return to those bad old days.