The Best of the Worst Liberal Campuses

Yale University tops a list of schools where political correctness reigns supreme.

The Collegiate Network (CN), in collaboration with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), has released its 2006 Campus Outrage Awards, commonly known as the "Pollys."

The honor (or dishonor) recognizes those schools where the worst cases of "political correctness" have occurred.  

This year, "Pollys" were awarded to a variety of schools. Topping the list was Yale University for enrolling a former officer of the Taliban "with a 4th grade education into a non-degree program in the name of diversity." Finishing second was DePaul University for making "war on the free speech rights of conservative students and faculty." Stanford University and the College of the Holy Cross finished tied for third for their attempts to "silence the powerful independent voices of their respective established alternative newspapers."

Schools also receiving "Pollys": Canisius College, University of Iowa and the University of California System.

Kenneth Cribb, Jr., president of the Collegiate Network said in a press release, "We created the Campus Outrage Awards to expose the excesses of college administrators and professors who misuse their authority to silence dissent and impose their own political agendas on unwilling students."

The 9th annual Campus Outrage Awards shed light on "radical campus activists" that undermine traditional schooling, according to the Collegiate Network’s press release.