Stop Amnesty! Take a Flag to Work Day!

This Thursday, April 6, has been deemed "Take an American Flag to Work Day" by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps to detract attention away from Mexican flags displayed in pro-illegal protests and bring focus to values of the red, white and blue.

Doing so is simple. The Minuteman ask that you "Proudly display an American flag with you wherever you are in public. Small parade style flags on sticks would work best for those who commute by bus or subway and those who walk to work. Carry it around with you when you go out for lunch and when you leave work.Wear red, white and blue patriotic attire. Fly the American flag at your home. Fly an American flag from your car antenna. Tape an American flag in your car window. The goal is to have Old Glory be given the respect and prominence it deserves and to remind everyone–politicians, illegal aliens and their enablers–that the American flag comes first in this country."

They also gently remind that "John McCain actually has said that ‘the country has spoken’ in favor of amnesty, touting the pro-illegal alien marches as proof to the gutless politicians in Washington DC that a sell-out of American citizenship is OK.  So it is imperative that our views be heard!  Now is your chance to exercise your citizen clout in an American demonstration of citizen devotion to this great nation. NOW is the time to support the red, white and blue!"