Sen. Menendez's 'Baggage' Under Scrutiny

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has picked a fight with Sen. Bob Menendez (R.-N.J.), introducing a new website today that points outs the senator’s less than perfect political record, or in other words, his "baggage." Obviously, the campaign is timed to hit Menendez when it hurts the most — just before the 2006 elections. NRSC does not want him to have another round in office.

"Bob Menendez brings an awful lot of baggage to the race, and this website will help make sure it doesn’t get lost," said Dan Ronayne, NRSC spokesman in a press release. "Hopefully, this site will help inform voters about why Democrats and editorial pages were so leery of Menendez’s appointment to the Senate. It is our suspicion the more they learn, the less likely New Jerseyans will want to send Menendez back."

The website’s homepage reads:

When former Senator John Corzine was elected Governor, he had the opportunity to appoint a successor who could provide fresh leadership for New Jersey, but he didn’t. Instead, he chose notorious former party-boss, Bob Menendez. Editorial pages, political observers, and even Democrats warned against appointing Menendez to the Senate because of the baggage and reputation he built as "The Boss of Hudson County."

For his questionable letter writing on behalf of campaign contributors to his penchant for spending campaign donations at upscale steak houses, Menendez appears to represent anyone but the taxpaying voters of the Garden State.

Bob’s "suitcases" on the site include: "Bob’s Boss Baggage," "Bob’s Business As Usual Baggage," "Bob’s Ethic’s Baggage," and "Latest News on Bob’s Baggage" — each full of documentation backing up NRSC’s allegations

Check it out. It’s all pretty clever but I think my favorite line is the plug to direct traffic to the latest news on the senator: "Bob Menendez brings more baggage with him to Washington than a hotel bellhop."