Don't Try, Try and Try Again

Quit sending checks to your favorite charity.
If you take heart medicine, stop
And don’t bother voting.

You don’t know any of these actions will really work to help the poor, keep you alive or lower your taxes.

If we listened to our waffling senators back down from the non-politically correct meaures of the House immigration bill, this reasoning would apply.

One of the most repeated arguments against building a wall and deporting illegal aliens are variations of "We can’t round all of them up" a "a wall won’t work, they get in somewhere else."

But, any measure to reduce the flow and assert U.S. law should be taken. Senators must concede a wall and deportation would surely cure "some" of the problem.

This debate is vitriolic because no "answer" is sure to be 100% effective, but it is inane to say that a fence would not stop many people and that the US could deport enough to send a clear message to those considering trespassing the border that the same could happen to them. Right now, no significant deterrent exists, deportation would create one.

Simply put, if we can take action to reduce 50%, 20% or even 10% of the problem, we should do it. Guest worker plans, fines and English language requirements sound nicer, but surely would not be as effective as fence and deportation measures to stop the flow of people entering the U.S illegally. The potential effectiveness of such measures is more shaky. We have members of Congress pushing for Spanish speaking teachers and doctors and I simply don’t believe in the current political  climate anyone will get deported for not learning English, as the Senate Judiciary Committee tells us.

If we have to go on effectiveness alone, two words are sure to deter and be, at the very least, somewhat effective: fence and deport. Right now, the odds are better of those actions working than the GOP keeping a majority if they lose this issue. Try it out.