Primary Challenge from the Right

It appears Sen. Hillary Clinton will have yet another challenger within her own party to her Senate seat.

Mark Greenstein is a 42-year old former lawyer-turned-businessman, and he plans to run against Hillary as the party’s conservative alternative. Calling himself a “new Democrat” who will take on “sellout liberals,” Greenstein says that his platform will be all about national security, jobs, health care and ethics in government.

Greenstein also promises to serve out his full six-year term if elected, and challenged Hillary to make the same pledge. On his website, Greenstein blasts the senator for being “so busy running for President that she has neglected the people and ideals of her constituents.”

Greenstein joins Jonathan Tasini and Steven Greenfield in challenging the presumptive Democratic nominee, although Tasini and Greenfield both appear to be far to the left of Greenstein (the fact that two of Hillary’s challengers have very similar names will probably confuse primary voters, not that any of these three stand a chance of mounting a credible threat to Mrs. Clinton). They are all in the same boat in that they have no money, although Greenstein says he will self-finance his campaign “in the high five figures” to his campaign.

Greenstein had never held elective office but does have some campaign experience, having run in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary in 2000, and winning a grand total of 75 votes.