RNC Hits Home Run With New Censure Ad

I hereby call for donations to the Republican National Committee so that they can air a new ad attacking Democrats for their ridiculous censure and impeachment proposals. It is an ad that needs to be seen by all Americans, so that every citizen knows what is at stake this coming November.

Two weeks ago, Russ Feingold (he doesn’t deserve the title of senator) proposed that the Congress censure President Bush for protecting the country from terror attacks via the violation of terrorists’ civil liberties. If anyone had any doubts as to the Democrats’ real agenda if they win back the Congress in November, Feingold’s off-the-wall rhetoric should clear that up.

A recent New York Times news story asserted that while Democrats initially ran like scared cats away from Feingold’s measure, they have begun to realize that by doing so, they risk alienating their base, as if to say the far-left camp has won a plethora of congressional and presidential elections for the Democrats. But wait. is not the far-left wing of the Democratic Party; it represents the mainstream Democratic Party. The taxpayers are even paying the salaries of people who have come out in support of the impeachment movement, including Garrison Keillor, host of NPR’s “A Prairie Home Moron- er, Companion.” Just stick to ketchup jokes, Garrison, and leave politics to the politicians.

As evidenced in the RNC’s new ad, Harry Reid has now come out in support of Feingold. When asked if this “illegal wiretapping of terrorists” was a viable case for impeachment, Reid responded, “I’m not going to rule anything out.”

Feingold accuses President Bush of breaking federal law by monitoring the telephone calls of suspected terrorists in and out of the U.S. Not to say that Feingold is completely against wiretapping, it’s only when Bush does it that it is illegal. When Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton do it, it’s within the broad range of executive powers.

In a time of war, the President’s job is to protect the nation. Bush knows what he is doing; the wiretapping will continue. The job of the President is not, however, to placate Russ Feingold and the ACLU. If Feingold thinks Bush should be censured and impeached for wiretapping suspect terrorists, then Feingold won’t mind if we try him for treason, impeach, and publicly humiliate him for aiding the enemy.


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