N.Y. GOP Chairman Backs Spencer

It wasn’t a shocking development, but New York Republican Party Chairman Stephen Minarik officially endorsed John Spencer for U.S. Senate on Wednesday.

The party chief told the AP that "I think he’ll provide an excellent challenge" to Sen. Clinton, and that "If any person can topple someone like Hillary Clinton, I think John Spencer can do that. He can take the issues and the fight to her. You have to be aggressive when you’re the underdog."

Earlier, Spencer had garnered the support of the N.Y. Conservative Party; no statewide Republican candidate has ever won office without the backing of both parties since 1974. With these endorsements in tow, Spencer is confident of victory, saying of McFarland, "She’s really just in the way. That’s the end. If you don’t see it, you’re not looking."

But McFarland has slowly but surely been gathering support. After several weeks of the "Endorsements" link of her website containing nothing but the words "Under Construction," now the link shows support by three GOP county officials. And even more encouraging for McFarland is a Quinnipiac University poll which shows her thumping Spencer 35 percent to 22 percent among Republican voters, with 37 percent of those polled undecided.