Music Professor Sings Anti-War Song

A music professor at Northwestern University is singing the anti-war song.
Dr. Scott Lipscomb is not only a professor of music education and music technology, he’s also an assistant researcher and U.S. spokesperson for a group called "Iraq Body Count," according to the Daily Northwestern .
The international organization calculates the number of civilians who have reportedly died in the Iraq conflict. The project’s co-founder, Hamit Dardagan, tells the Daily, "I hope that we are able to ensure that any continuing death toll resulting from our (country’s) illegal and ill-fated military intervention in Iraq is monitored, hopefully better than it is now."

Professor Lipscomb seems to echo those sentiments. "I was stunned at the deafening silence here on campus since the bombs began to fall. I only wish that my fellow colleagues would raise their voices as if in song together about the conflict," he tells the Daily.
The music professor says he hopes to "wake up" those who are unaware of the civilian death count stemming from the Iraq War.

The Daily goes on to note others who support Professor Lipscomb’s efforts.
Elizabeth Hurd, Northwestern University political science professor told the Daily, “This is precisely the kind of organization that makes American democracy function. We need all the information we can get so that Americans can make informed decisions at the polls in November and so they can express informed and well-grounded views on an everyday basis about the effects of U.S. foreign policy."

A junior at NU is quoted as saying, "When you hear the total number it comes as a shock. The more people hear it, the better."

All of this just goes to show, liberalism in academia isn’t limited to sociology and political science departments.