Taking Christ Out of Christian Colleges

Christ is slowing being removed from America’s Christian colleges.

According to a piece written by Denyse O’Leary, a Canadian journalist based in Toronto, the latest example takes place in Texas at the world’s largest Baptist university.

O’Leary writes that Baylor University professor Francis Beckwith — a staunch pro-lifer — has been denied tenure. But, it’s not because he’s conservative; instead, it’s because he’s brilliant.
"When quietly and decently selling out a Christian heritage, a university must explicitly avoid encouraging people who effectively challenge the materialism that dominates the academy because — to be blunt — such people hinder achieving that goal. For example, suppose Beckwith’s arguments prevail and Roe v. Wade is reversed? Is that going to make him and Baylor the toast of faculty parties? The current self-destructiveness of the American intellectual elite is legendary, and those folks are far more likely to toast Osama bin Laden and the director of the local abortion clinic out of the same glass."
Beckwith is a well published scholar who has written several compelling arguments against abortion. And O’Leary is convinced that Beckwith’s success creates embarrassment for the university.
"Hire and promote Christians who are pleasant and make neither scandal nor waves. Ideally, they will be people who can recite "I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things, visible and invisible," and at the very same time deprecate anyone who suggests that the universe shows evidence of intelligent design — because, faith, you see, belongs to a different realm from science. Et cetera."

O’Leary goes on to say, in essence, that Christian universities may become no different from public universities.
"A Christian university should not seek acceptance by institutions committed to materialism. What Baylor should want is to be hated and feared, but for the right reason — for being nonmaterialist and effective, like Beckwith. What it really wants, if denying Beckwith tenure is anything to go by, is the long, slow, sweet kiss of death."
While Human Events U and the Network of College Conservatives informs you of the latest liberal bias on campus, never have we put forth the notion that such bias exists only at public schools. If you think sending your child to a "Christian" school will save him/her from liberal indoctrination, think again. Christianity is more than a just a name or saying over the campus gateway; it is a way of life. Before enrolling at a Christian institution, make sure the school follows Christ and not popular opinion.