Feminist Professor Still Claims Inequality

The feminist agenda is far from being accomplished according to a professor in Michigan.

Anca Vlasopolos, an English professor and feminist at Wayne State University believes "there is still, and there will always be, work to be done," according to The South End, the school’s student newspaper.

Life as a wife and mother would be "as strange as" men pursuing lives as husbands and fathers, reports The South End.

"[They were] not a career path for me," Vlasopolos said.  

The English professor says the earlier feminist push was "submerged in the anti-war movement" of the 1960"s, and "It was very much a broad-spectrum movement at that time."

However, Vlasopolos was surprised by those who opposed and defeated the Equal Rights Amendment in the early 1980’s.

"The opposition to ERA was more remarkable than the amendment itself. The fact that it attracted such absolute opposition indicated to me that this country is still very backward in terms of women’s rights. Yes, I think [ERA] should be passed. Yes, I think it should be embodied in our constitution just so that we identify ourselves as a country that supports women’s rights equally with men."

"Women’s rights"?

What’s the good professor saying? Do I have special rights — or extra rights — that my wife does not? If so, this is going to significantly change the way things are done around my house. To think, all this time I’ve been affording my spouse luxuries not due her under the law!

While I’m not exactly sure which constitutional right is gender specific, I’m sure one exists since Professor Vlasopolos thinks we’re a country that doesn’t support equal rights.  

Vlasopolos also believes "it would take a catastrophe of some sort for people to be open to the idea of a woman as president," according to The South End article.

Yeah — a "catastrophe" like giving women "equal rights."  I mean, hello!

In all seriousness folks, professors like Vlasopolos are doing our children a disservice. Students who are forced to listen to such un-intelligent and inaccurate ramblings from an instructor — under the guise of education — are being misled into believing that women can’t succeed in America. I wonder if Professor Vlasopolos informs her students that the revolt against the Equal Rights Amendment was spearheaded by a woman and not "oppressive males." I would also like to know if Professor Vlasopolos considers herself "successful." If so, then how did she make it in man’s world?