No, We Don't Want to Succeed!

Apparently Lou Dobbs has been speaking out on the issue of illegal immigrations — and bringing viewers to CNN’s otherwise moribund ratings. Yet, despite this success Jonathan Klein, the president of CNN/U.S. has this to say.

Even as Mr. Klein conceded that "there is certainly a correlation between Lou’s outspokenness and the ratings he has gotten," he reasserted that CNN would not be turning to opinion-based programs beyond the Dobbs newscast.

"Cable has always been, certainly for the past 10 years, a hospitable home to outspoken, over-the-top figures," Mr. Klein said. "It cuts through the clutter." But, he added, "What is suitable for Lou is not necessarily suitable for many other, if any other, talent on the network. It is not a signal for some sea change at CNN."

So, one of your anchors is bringing you viewers and you don’t want to duplicate his success? Could it be Lou Dobbs’ conservative position on illegal immigration that is a factor in Mr. Klein’s hesitation to create more opinion formatted shows? I may be wrong, but this is a curious position to take if it is your job to grow the business.