Anti-war Activist Disrupts College GOP Forum

Liberals at the University of Wisconsin try to disrupt a College Republicans event on campus.

The school’s GOP organized a panel of war veterans to discuss the war in Iraq — specifically, local referendums that want to "bring all military personnel home from Iraq now," according to the Badger Herald.

Jordan Smith, chair of the UW College Republicans, tells the newspaper that the panel consisted of those who were against cutting and running from Iraq. "It was a ‘vote no’ panel, so we wanted all panel members advocating ‘vote no,’" said Smith.

Members of the school’s "Stop the War!" group — an organization that supports local referendums calling for troop withdrawal — were among those in the audience. The Badger reports that one particular member of "Stop the War!," entered the meeting, "and called the College Republicans ‘cowards’ for not debating him, which set off a yelling match between the panelists" and the activist.

In fact, the rowdy-war-protester became so disruptive that police were brought-in and asked him to leave.
The "Vote No" panel was formed to educate students on Republican views. According to the article, the College Republicans chair felt a debate between the two sides would not be productive.

She added, "…a ‘token conservative’ at a Stop the War! meeting would just be ‘shouted down’ and ‘attacked.’"