Save Ann Coulter (the Doll) from Sean Penn (the Angry Liberal)

Sean Penn, long known as an angry liberal, is also apparently a very sick man.

Penn’s latest headline-grabbing obsession is torturing an Ann Coulter doll (click here to purchase one for $29.95).

Reports the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column:

It’s a good thing for Ann Coulter that Sean Penn doesn’t know voodoo. Penn has a plastic Barbie-like doll of the right-wing pundit that he likes to torture on occasion.

"We violate her," the ornery actor tells The New Yorker about his mini-Coulter. "There are cigarette burns in some funny places. She’s a pure snake-oil salesman. She doesn’t believe a word she says." Coulter mentioned Penn’s father, blacklisted director Leo Penn, in her book, "Treason."

Thanks, Sean. We hope this puts orders for Coulter dolls threw the roof.