Polar Reactions

Hillary made a couple public appearances last Thursday and each was received a little bit differently.

She addressed the Long Island Board of Realtors during their annual meeting, where she criticized President Bush on issues such as the war in Iraq ("irresponsible"), the deficit ("a ticking time bomb") and the aborted Dubai ports deal. The crowd of about 700 real estate agents gave Hill a standing ovation from the get-go, interrupted her remarks with wild applause many times, and concluded with another ovation. One audience member got up and said "I don’t have a question, but a demand of Sen. Clinton: to be our next President…We need another Clinton to bring this country up."

But at another event, a panel discussion at Stony Brook University, her appearance was interrupted by anti-war protesters. About 30 protesters wore black T-shirts with "Troops Out Now" in white letters on the back. They shouted Mrs. Clinton down a couple times, then the university president told them that everyone was entitled to hear the Hillary, and so for the rest of her appearance these protesters stood silently with their backs to the panel. When Hillary was later asked about the interruptions, she merely said "I have no reaction."