PETA: Bird Flu Fault of Non-Vegetarians

The avian bird flu epidemic is the fault of meat-eaters everywhere, says the Asian Pacific chapter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

In its effort to "educate" the public about its "inhumane" treatment of animals, the animal rights group has created a new website, available in both Chinese and English, reports CNN. The propoganda-filled site appears designed more to scare or guilt people into being vegetarian rather than inform them about avian bird flu. The site headline declares: "Avian Flu: It’s Your Fault."

"Avian flu is just one symptom of a very sick and cruel industry," says PETA Asia-Pacific director Jason Baker on the website.

For more free entertainment from PETA those in the Washington D.C. area can check out the rally scheduled today outside the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Spring Legislative Conference to protest the fact that "Meat Is Murder."

PETA members have promised to wrap themselves in large trays with cellophane to mimic typical packages of meat for the occasion. One of our interns at HUMAN EVENTS suggested we stop by and hand out hotdogs since they might get hungry following such hard work and dedication.


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