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Fondly Remembering Lyn Nofziger

The newspapers will retell the story of Lyn Nofziger — the famous and loyal adviser to President Ronald Reagan.  But my fondest memories of him took place at the Silver Diner in Clarendon, Va. — where we would occasionally meet for breakfast.

It was there that he mentored countless young conservatives — over bacon and eggs.  We asked him to tell us about the day Reagan was shot, about what Lee Atwater was like, and about his days as a newspaper reporter.  And he was more than generous with his time and his advice.

I honestly can’t imagine a lot of men of his stature taking that much time to mentor us.  To us, Lyn Nofziger was more than just a tough and smart politico — he was a kind and generous man.  Today, the conservative movement has lost a good friend.

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Mr. Lewis has managed political campaigns and served as director of grassroots for the Leadership Institute, as well as political director for GOPAC. In 2002, Campaigns & Elections magazine selected him as a "Rising Star of Politics." He is the author of "Teaching Elephants to Talk." His blog can be read at

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