Columnist Can't See Liberal Bias on Campus

A California columnist, who can’t seem to recognize a left-wing bias on campus, slams David Horowitz — author of "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America."
Richard Larsen recalls in the Ventura County Star a statement Horowitz made concerning the thousands of professors teaching across America who are radical left-wingers and who identify with terrorists. Larsen writes, "Such broad tarring is a prime example that McCarthyism remains an active tool of those who would seek power. And power is what the Academic Bill of Rights is about, not improving education, not opening up needed debate, but controlling the whole academic process."
Larsen then goes after Horowitz’s group "Students for Academic Freedom" who are promoting the Academic Bill of Rights. He claims the group has "so aligned itself with his [Horowitz’s] beliefs that SAF members seem like apostles proselytizing his creed."

This piece — by the Star’s deputy opinion page editor — comes in light of a debate at the local college. According to Larsen’s column, a controversy exists at the Ventura County Community College District over who controls classroom content. "The district wants a new policy that would allow instructors freedom in the way they approach classroom-related subjects. SAF would prefer that the instructors be muzzled by adhering to the 66-year-old policy that instructors ‘not’ introduce controversial topics unrelated to the course," writes Larson.
He goes on to say that "turning over control of the educational process" to those who have not yet been educated is a bad idea. "The greatest amount of academic freedom will come from students who are willing to think, not act as thought police."
Larsen doesn’t get it.
Liberal indoctrinators who breathe down the necks of their students often impede and hinder the ability to "think freely." Not to mention the student’s grade often hangs in the balance. As Human Events U and the Network of College Conservatives repeatedly documents, radical left-wing professors abuse their positions of power and influence by preaching their political agendas and tainting the minds of a captive audience.

Unfortunately, it will take the efforts of people like David Horowitz and groups like Human Events U and the Network of College Conservatives to police the one-sided thoughts being espoused in college classrooms in order to ensure students receive the well-rounded education they deserve.