Segregation in the South

A leadership conference in Kentucky discriminates against white students.

Black students from across the blue-grass state assembled at Georgetown College for the first-ever Black Student Leadership Caucus, according to an Associated Press report cited by WKYT-TV.

Various workshops were held like "surviving as a minority on campus” and “dressing for success."

As to why white students — and Asians, Latinos or Native Americans — weren’t included in the leadership conference, the AP story remained silent.
I find it particularly troubling that those who repeatedly complain of racism, discrimination and opportunities not afforded to them on the basis of color actively practice and promote segregation.

Although it would never happen, what if a "White Student Leadership Caucus" held an event designed to teach and promote skills enabling white students to advance in the professional world? Do you think Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton would have anything to say about it?


Would there be outrage from the black community?


So, why is it when a "black leadership conference" is held, nobody gets up-in-arms? No one screams "racial inequality"?

Dr. Martin Luther King said he dreamed of a day when we would be judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin.

So, why then is skin-color the focus of so many events — leadership conferences, award shows, beauty pageants, etc.?

Here’s some leadership advice for America’s future black leaders (and others who participate in similar race-oriented events): quit practicing segregation while complaining about discrimination.

If the goal is to obtain a society where race doesn’t matter, stop encouraging and promoting a world where that’s all which matters.