Radical Feminists Are Radical Nuts

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  • 08/20/2022

Conservative political pundit Kate O'Beirne is in deep trouble with the likes of Gloria Steinem and Sen. Hillary Clinton. She is a woman who is not a feminist, and to add insult to injury, she had the gall to publish her book, "Women Who Make the World Worse," wherein she actually names and quotes radical feminist demagogues who have changed the world for the worse through fear tactics and political and academic indoctrination.

O'Beirne opens her book with the story of a 51-year-old female Atlanta sheriff deputy charged with controlling a defendant who was a former college football linebacker, as if a grandmother (or any woman for that matter) could successfully restrain a 280-pound man. The damage feminists have managed to do in destroying the innate differences between the sexes led to several people being shot when the defendant barged out of the courtroom with a gun.

If anyone was "sick" or having "trouble breathing," as many female MIT biologists were when Harvard President Larry Summers suggested that innate differences between men and women could explain the under-representation of women in the math and science fields, the victims of last year's shooting rampage should correct their respiratory issues. Of course, feminists will acknowledge these innate differences when saying that women are superior to men and are sensitive to sexual innuendo, which contradicts their belief that men and women are interchangeable.

While feminists and the women mentioned in O'Beirne's book assert that they represent women, they actually represent themselves, as is evidenced by their "my life, my career, my body, me, me, me" mantra. They often cite polls, conducted by their ilk so as to avoid any "conflict of interest," showing that young women support women's equality, equitable wages, and workplace mobility. They might as well ask if people eat their peas at dinner - who would answer no? O’Beirne asserts that radical feminist should be asking the public if they support the following real tenets of the feminist agenda:

  • Do you think women who choose to stay home and raise children are betraying the feminist movement and are victims of patriarchal oppression and are mentally ill? (This isn’t a joke; it has been suggested by influential feminists since the 1960’s)
  • Do you support abortion rights up until and including the eve of delivery?
  • Do you think women are as physically strong as the average man, and therefore should play combat roles in the military?
  • Do you think boys with exclusive maternal attachments are mentally ill and need psychological treatment to correct their pathology?

Of course, the utter hypocrisy among these radical ideologues is unbelievable.

While they support women in combat roles, I somehow doubt they would think highly of a man who sends his wife downstairs to check on a suspicious noise in the middle of the night. Most sane women, who get fulfillment from raising their children see no threat to their equality by having men, and solely men, defend the country at war. In fact, most women probably prefer that teenage girls and single mothers stay out of Iraq. But not the feminists. To these people, conservatives like O'Beirne are seriously jeopardizing the women's equality movement. If it weren't for Betty Freidan and Gloria Steinem, O'Beirne never would have gotten a book published. They are oblivious to the fact that women have been writing books for 2,000 years.

In addition, while feminists demand that they be valued as humans and intellectuals instead of sex objects, Steinem and her cohorts were far from absent in the defense of Bill Clinton. His innuendo, pathological lying, groping and utter uselessness and disrespect for women as anything but objects of gratification were "OK" because he was "good on women's issues. And by the way, Juanita Broadderick is a lying, selfish bitch." But yet Anita Hill was somehow a victim of a bigoted conservative black man.

Radical feminists love to say they represent the views of all women. They have led themselves to believe that they have inspired an entire generation of women to achieve new heights, long for total indifference between sexes, and be firefighters. Funny thing is though, they have actually inspired every woman I know, including Kate O'Beirne, my sisters and my mother, to think they're radical nuts.


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