Bush's Challenge

At a March 21 press conference, President Bush landed repeated rhetorical blows on his adversaries in both the press and the Democratic Party, including a hard right jab on Sen. Feingold over the NSA intercepts issue.

When a reporter mentioned that Feingold had suggested that Bush might even be impeached because of the intercepts, Bush said, "I did notice that nobody from the Democratic Party has actually stood up and called for getting rid of the terrorist surveillance program. You know, if that’s what they believe, if people in the party believe that, then they ought to stand up and say it. They ought to stand up and say, ‘The tools we’re using to protect the American people shouldn’t be used.’ They ought to take their message to the people and say, ‘Vote for me. I promise we’re not going to have a terrorist surveillance program.’ That’s what they ought to be doing. That’s part of what is an open and honest debate."