Southern Speech Code in Court

A conservative group says the speech code at prominent southern school is unconstitutional.

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has filed a case in U.S. District Court against the Georgia Institute of Technology that accuses the school of limiting free speech, according to Agape Press.

David French, senior legal counsel at ADF says, "on one hand, Georgia Tech bans students from saying anything that would be subjectively deemed ‘intolerant’ — and on the other hand withholds lawful funding to religious student groups," writes Agape.

French also says the Georgia Institute of Technology engages in explicit religious instruction on the issue of homosexuality while withholding lawful funding to religious student groups.

"Georgia Tech has put together a training program that teaches students, administrators, and employees of Georgia Tech … that those who believe that homosexual behavior is unbiblical can and should be compared to those who used the Bible to justify slavery," the attorney explains.

According the Alliance Defense Fund website, the ADF pursues litigation to aggressively defend religious liberty. The organization was recently named "Best Christian Workplace" for the second straight year by the Best Christian Workplace Institute.