Travel Requirements

The Smoking Gun has posted Vice President Cheney’s travel requirements. Quite frankly, it is very modest. I’ve been involved in working with much lesser-known politicians and celebrities who have much more extensive "requests."

I don’t see this simple one-pager as evidence that he is being high-maintenance. On the contrary, it is actually respectful to provide a simple list of your requirements that can be easily faxed to your host.

For example, if you were to bring me to your town to speak, I have some standard requests that I can fax you…

– Temperature in room: 67.3 degrees Fahrenheit

– TV’s tuned to Andy Griffith reruns

– Six-pack of Tab (soft drink) on ice (ice should not be chipped)

– Latest issues of Vanity Fair, Human Events, and Sports Illustrated

– Ala George Castanza, sheets should not be tucked in.

– No carbs served (except wheat bread or whole grain)

– Foam pillows (not down)

– I will necessitate a driver (you can pick me up — no need for a hired car)