Dean Flickinger: Back in the Office

I defeated the bird flu!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t the “bird flu,” but from how I felt, it could have been.

Regardless, I’m feeling much better now, the room has stopped spinning and there’s a lot of college news to discuss.  

Here’s a quick glimpse of stories you’ll find at Human Events U today and tomorrow:

  • Ithaca College — this notorious “liberal” school is in lock-step with the political left
  • Harvard — although founded as a Bible college, the school continues to distance itself from its past
  • Penn State — students are working with administrators to take environmentalism to the next level
  • Speech codes on campuses in the south
  • Comic books become required reading  
  • War protests
  • And much more!

The Network of College Conservatives (N.C.C.) continues to investigate reports of liberal bias on campus. If you haven’t submitted your story of liberal indoctrination to the N.C.C., now is the time.

Human Events U and the N.C.C. are working together to expose liberal bias on campuses across the nation.

We can help you finish the school year strong!


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