Bloomberg Decision

It was bad enough when millionaire Michael Bloomberg switched parties in a blatant political move to run for New York City Mayor a few years back. Now, his top political adviser says the Mayor wouldn’t rule out an endorsement of Sen. Clinton’s re-election effort, even though Hillary endorsed Bloomberg’s opponent in 2005.  

Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey brags that his boss is "a guy who’s independent," and when he was asked whether Bloomberg would endorse Hillary, he stammered, "That’s a good question and I don’t know the answer."

It has been well-reported that Mrs. Clinton and Bloomberg have a very good relationship, which is no small wonder considering they hold the same political views on everything. While Hillary has praised the mayor on the Senate floor for doing a "tremendous job" protecting NYC in the aftermath of 9/11, a couple years ago the New York Times noted that Bloomberg had "cultivated a collegial and even warm relationship with Sen. Clinton, going so far as to invite her and her husband to his Upper East Side town house, where they dined on fried chicken, mashed potatoes and blueberry pie."

This wouldn’t be the first time Bloomberg endorsed a liberal Democrat — in 2004 he endorsed Sen. Chuck Schumer’s re-election bid, but at least the mayor could say it was because Schumer’s wife, Iris Weinshall, is his transportation commissioner