Money Matters

The latest FEC numbers show that Mrs. Clinton’s political action committee HILLPAC raised $182, 797 last month.

Meanwhile, Rudy Guiliani, who is usually mentioned as a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2008 and who polls well against Sen. Clinton in a hypothetical White House race, raised a grand total of $103 last month, for a total of $295, 549 in his "Solutions America" political action committee.

Hillary’s February numbers don’t include Monday’s $40,000 take at a 90-minute fundraising stop in Kansas City, where she held an unannounced and rather secretive event. The hush-hush nature of the KC event miffed members of both parties: Missouri GOP spokesman Paul Sloca said that "Democrats know and Hillary Clinton knows that she does not represent Missouri values in any way, shape or form. It makes sense for her to sneak in and then zip right out."

And some Democrats were displeased, according to the Kansas City Star, because "We have a U.S. Senate race going on in Missouri," and "Claire [McCaskill] needs every dime she can raise right now."

In other cash-related news, it has been noted that one of HRC’s old friends from her Whitewater scandal days has been busy donating to HILLPAC. Roger Altman resigned in disgrace as President Clinton’s deputy Treasury secretary in 1994, and in 1991 he was implicated (later acquitted) in the infamous BCCI scandal, along with his boss Clark Clifford. During the 2004 campaign he was John Kerry’s top economic advisor, but now he’s apparently supporting Sen. Clinton.

According to the Daily News, Altman had already contributed $12,000 to Hillary’s 2000 Senate run, but now he appears to be fully back in Hillary’s camp, as testified by his generous $14,000 donations to her since Kerry lost, including a recent $5,000 check.