Pence Scores Big in Presidential March Madness

While the rest of the country gets swept away with college basketball March Madness, a public relations company called Survey St. Louis made  their own bracket in the run-up for the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination for the second year.

It’s an easy game: you log on and vote for you favorite Republican candidate by region and as politicians are voted out, others advance to match up with others. And, of course, get all the bragging rights when your underdog pulls of a huge upset.

Like Mike Pence did.

Survey St. Loius warns there could be a "Cinderella Story in the Making"  with  Republican Study Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Pence (16 seed )as he  knocked out Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in the first round of the north bracket’s matchups taking in 62.4% of the vote.

I’m sure is watching.