Left-Wing Alert: WaPo Goes Conservative

Hardly. But that’s probably what you’ll be reading on left-wing blogs later today and as long as my good pal Ben Domenech is blogging for the Washington Post.

Today launched “Red America,” a blog written by Ben, which, he says, “is a blog for the majority of Americans.” He minces no words when summing up it’s purpose:

Red America’s citizens are the political majority. They’re here to stay. It’s time to start paying attention to what they believe and why.

And if his first post is any indication, Ben will have free reign to take the Post to task when it steps out of line. He conveys a story from discussions about what to name the new blog. Apparently, one editor suggested “Red Dawn,” which, as Ben pointed out at the time, would be quite appropriate for a pro-gun blog. The reference was lost on the editor, however.

Some may ask, Why is the founder of working for the “enemy”? Consider that is a Top 10 news website, based on Alexa’s rankings, and when it comes to domestic political news, is No. 4. So, in fact, Ben is reaching a much larger audience — and hopefully changing a few minds in the process.