Bush: Focus Still War on Terror

In a national press conference today, President Bush re-affirmed his main focus: to win the war on terror.

Bush said he understands, though, why some Americans oppose the war.

"War creates trauma — especially when you’re fighting an enemy that doesn’t fight man to man…that kills innocent people," he said.

There are consequences, Bush said, that come with success and with failure — and the American people need to realize that.

"If we were to lose our nerve and leave prematurely, those reformers would be let down."

Although admittedly preoccupied with the war, the president address other national concerns and issues as well.

Healthcare/Social Security Reform:

"If we don’t do something — social security and medicare wiill go bust."

Increase in National Debt:

"I’m not satisfied with the rise in mandatory spending."

Marriage/Gay Rights:

When asked, Bush unflinchingly defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.


"This could be a fractious debate but I hope it’s not. Immigration is a very difficult issue."

Border security starts with a "good, solid strategy across the border itself," Bush said.

Economy/Job Market:

Strength of job market is manifested through low unemployment (4.3%) nationwide, he said.

Also, home-ownership is at an all-time high.

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