Newt on Amnesty: Ripped from the Headlines (of Human Events)

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  • 08/20/2022

NBC's "Law and Order" often advertises its episodes as being "ripped from the headlines" - meaning that the show (while "completely a work of fiction" and created in the minds of the show's writers) will bear a striking resemblance to news headlines you've likely seen in the national media.

Newt Gingrich's appearance on Fox News' "Fox and Friends" this morning came with no such teaser, but it could have. Only in this case it would have been "Ripped from the headlines of Human Events."

Gingrich was on the Fox morning show railing against amnesty for illegal aliens - the position he has found, while researching his run for the White House, resonates best with the American people - and urging viewers to call the Senate and tell their senators to oppose amnesty. Steve Doocy, co-host and weatherman for "Fox and Friends," was sure to get the Senate phone number out there telling viewers that Newt would be giving out the Senate number and then concluding the interview with Newt's giving of the number and Doocy's repeating it to make sure the viewers got it. What a pull for Fox News and great input from the former speaker who would be President.

I wonder where Newt got the idea. Maybe from Human Events? In our issue dated March 13, and posted online, is a feature titled "Tell Waffling Republicans: No Amnesty!" which reads:

The Senate Judiciary Committee is now working on an immigration reform bill and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.) has indicated he would like to bring it to the floor before the end of March.

The key question: Will the Senate approve an amnesty for illegal aliens.

The editors of HUMAN EVENTS define amnesty as granting any kind of legal residency status to an illegal alien without first making him return to his home country.

The immigration bill passed by the House in December does not include an amnesty.

Last week, we asked all 55 Republican senators (via their press secretaries): “Will you rule out voting this year for an immigration reform bill that converts illegal immigrants to legal guest workers without making them return to their home countries first?”

Most did not answer our question, but several senators did respond. We intend to keep asking. You can, too, by using the contact information below.

Keep an eye on this page. We will continue to update it until we learn where all senators stand on this important question.

The feature includes a listing of all 55 GOP senators, complete with photographs, phone numbers, email links, and mailing addresses.

It is great that Newt is out there fighting against amnesty - whether it's because he believes it or because he's running for President. We need another big voice out there talking about it. But Human Events beat him to it, and when the amnesty proposals do fall, don't think we won't toot our own horns just a little.


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