Anti-War Movement Fighting Internal War

I’ve been wondering for some time now why the anti-war movement hasn’t been louder and more obnoxious lately, considering our recent problems in Iraq.

Here’s why: the anti-war movement is fracturing due to internal feuding. The main dispute broke out between the International ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice organizations, which are now accusing each other of everything from racism to hogging the microphone at joint rallies. Accusations between the groups of supporting communist dictators are also being hurled, which seems strange for two organizations largely dedicated to supporting communist dictators.

My favorite part is when an ANSWER member accuses United for Peace and Justice of supporting Zionist sell-outs like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Where do these people get their information from?

You have to sympathize with the anti-war movement leaders — it can’t be easy to exert authority over a constituency dominated by communists and anarchists.


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