Hillary: Women Need More Pills

On Friday it was reported that two more women have died after using the abortion pill RU-486.  The FDA approved the drug in September 2000, during the waning months of the Clinton administration.  

First Lady Hillary was then in the heat of her initial Senate race, and she jumped at the opportunity to praise the Clinton-controlled FDA’s decision: “This decision will help ensure that women in the United States will have access to a safe and effective option that women in other countries have had for years.”  

On the campaign trail, she went on record as saying that the federal government should pay for poor women to get RU-486.  Once in office, one of Sen. Clinton’s first tasks in Jan. 2001 was questioning Health and Human Services nominee Tommy Thompson to make sure that he wouldn’t overturn the decision.  And since Hillary’s husband’s FDA approved RU-486, seven women have died.  Now Hillary is haranguing President Bush’s FDA for not making Plan B “morning after” pills available over the counter.