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No Bias in N.Y.

Believe it or not, liberal indoctrinators don’t exist at state universities in New York.

That’s the overall message trustees of the SUNY system got yesterday, according to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

The President of the University Faculty Senate told the trustees that "he has not seen evidence of discrimination against students or professors with different viewpoints. ‘I don’t think we need to be lectured by outside agencies,’" reports the Rochester publication.

The "outside" agency the educator was referring to is David Horowitz’s "Academic Bill of Rights."
Members of the SUNY Academic Standards Committee heard from four college presidents, five faculty members and one student as to whether or not liberal bias exited on its campuses. The article goes on to say that a majority of those who spoke "said sufficient protections exist for academic freedom and there was no need for further action."

Nothing to see here folks! Carry on…no trouble here. Go on with your lives.
Unbelievable. That’s like a parent asking a child, "Have you been a bad boy?"
Although most of these educators told the committee "freedoms are not being suppressed," one political science professor from SUNY Brockport told the committee "there is an obvious lack of conservative viewpoints on campus" and that "he has been called a right-wing fascist because he supports the war in Iraq," writes the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. However, the article doesn’t mention what, if any, response the SUNY committee had to these comments.  

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