Mohammed Pics at Berkeley

A conservative student publication at the University of California at Berkeley publishes the controversial Mohammed cartoons.
The publisher of the California Patriot said the cartoons were printed "as a free speech statement," according to a story in the Contra Costal Times.

The images appear in the in the March edition of the student magazine and include a picture of Mohammed wearing a lit bomb for a turban. The story goes on to say, "Many Muslims believe it is unholy for the prophet Mohammed to be depicted in art."

Wait a minute!

Contrary to popular belief, depictions of "the prophet Mohammed" are not "unholy." Omid Safi, a professor of religion and philosophy at Colgate recently shed light on this issue and noted that "Muslims themselves have portrayed Muhammad in historic artworks…."

Back to the story…

"They have a right to print what they want," says the vice president of Cal Muslim Student Association in the article, "They were trying to invoke a response." On the Muslim association’s website the following statement is posted:

"The republishing of the cartoons on the Berkeley campus has proven to be a failure. The MSA wants to thank the Muslim community in standing in solidarity and dignity by not engaging in such provocative methods, but by aiming to educate and utilizing the situation to help spread the beautiful word of Islam."

Imagine that — praising people for not taking-up arms in reaction to a bunch of cartoons. Should that really be necessary?


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