Liberal Bias on Campus???No

The independent student newspaper at the University of Maryland reports on liberal bias.
"Some say political influence creeps into the classroom," writes the Diamondback Online.

Conservatives note the pervasiveness of liberal bias on campus. Kelly Zavala, a sophomore government and politics major, tells the paper she was appalled by the anti-Bush sentiments that became part of the cirriculum. "’Students would literally cheer [the teacher] on,’ Zavala said. She noted one of her teacher’s slide shows included a slide showing Bush as the equivalent of a monkey."

Brandon Payne, president of the College Republicans, tells the Diamondback that Republicans are often the butt of jokes within the classroom. "I think there’s an intimidation factor where you don’t want to announce that you are a conservative."

Michael Carroll, a senior logistics major, said, "You go to class to learn the material, not to hear the professor’s views." He went on to say "there is usually nobody who can counter them because students are nervous and not as well-educated," according to the article.

But, the student newspaper also writes of professor Geoff Layman who says "if he were to criticize the Bush administration, he’d be examining their decisions as a political scientist, not a liberal."


Professor Layman’s job is to teach his subject, not preach his ideology. He’s welcome to exam the Bush administration as a "political scientist" outside the classroom, but while he’s on the clock, he just needs to stick to the material.
The article goes on to quote Lee Fang, president of the College Democrats, who tells the paper "this criticism is not intended to make Republican students feel uncomfortable…"

Fang said, "If they’re attacking Bush, it’s because of certain policy. It’s not because he’s a Republican, it’s because he’s a bad executive."

Missing the point!

Education shouldn’t be partisian. Professors need to leave their personal politics at the door. Those teachers who bring political agendas into the classroom are impeding every students’ educational experience. Students are not paying thousands of dollars for liberal indoctrination (well, I take that back — currently, they are, but they shouldn’t be). They’re paying for a well-rounded education, and they deserve to get it.
Until academic excellence and intellectual integrity is restored thoughout higher education, Human Events U and the Network of College Conservatives will continue to expose liberal bias on campus. It’s up to parents and students to decide which educational institutions they’ll financially reward.